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FELV / FIV Testing:

At Damonte Ranch Animal Hospital we use an in-house combo screening blood test to screen out cat patients for both FELV and FIV viruses.  The test is well worth the minor expense - especially for newly acquired cats - coming from shelters, stray backgrounds, or cats blending into multi-cat households.  In order to test for FELV / FIV, a small amount of blood is taken from the cat and the test is performed quickly in the hospital with the results completeld within 20-45min.  This test is safe, inexpensive and is a great thing to get accomplished to ensure that your cat is negative.  Ideally, it is a good idea to test a new cat / kitten before introducing then into a new home (especially if there are already cats present).  Also, it is a great idea to have them tested even before vaccines are begun.


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