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Our Services

Wellness Programs

To ensure the very best care of your dog and cat companions–from their earliest months to their golden years–we tailor vaccine protocols to the individual pet’s lifestyle needs. From annual physical exams–with an emphasis on preventative medicine such as parasite prevention programs–to microchipping, we recommend only the very best care to ensure a lifetime of priceless companionship.

Dental Care

Regular dental care is necessary to keep your pets free of periodontal problems. Without it, progressive periodontal disease can set in and lead to serious, even life-threatening liver, kidney and heart infections. At Damonte Ranch Animal Hospital, we examine our patients’ dental needs as a part of their regular annual exams. When necessary, we recommend complete dental cleanings. Furthermore, digital dental radiography is available to fully assess diseased teeth and best determine a course of action.

Surgical Services

Whether your pets are in need of basic spaying/neutering, more advanced procedures or even emergency surgeries, our top priority is always to follow the highest and most current standards of care. In addition, when your pet requires surgery by a board certified surgery specialist, Damonte Ranch Animal Hospital is here to assist in making those arrangements.

Radiological Diagnostic Services

When your pet is ill, a thorough diagnostic workup may be necessary to identify a definitive diagnosis and select the best treatment options. At Damonte Ranch Animal Hospital, we are proud to house state-of-the-art equipment such as digital radiography and ultrasound. These highly advanced tools allow us to identify potential problems quickly, non-invasively and with minimal stress to your pet.

Cancer Therapy

In the unfortunate event that your pet is diagnosed with cancer, we will do everything within our power to offer the most current therapies that give your pets the best chance for remission. We promote surgical therapies as well as primary and adjunctive chemotherapy treatments to help your pets overcome their illnesses. In addition, we maintain close relationships with referral hospital oncologists (such as experts at UC Davis) to ensure we have open access to cancer specialists and advanced cancer therapies.

Nutritional Counseling

Maintaining your pets’ physical wellness is an essential part of their overall health. Just as it is problematic in our society, obesity in our pets leaves them susceptible to a myriad of medical problems. At Damonte Ranch Animal Hospital, we offer a wide selection of prescription diets and supplements to assist your pet in maintaining a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Pet Care Products

For your convenience, Damonte Ranch Animal Hospital carries a full line of Hill’s® and Royal Canin® prescriptions, dental care products, shampoos, treats, parasite preventative products, toys, leashes, collars and effective stain/odor removal products.

Emergency Care

During our regular office hours, when patients come into the hospital critically ill or with life-threatening emergencies, they get immediate attention.

After hours, if your pet is having a medical emergency, please feel free to call Dr. Baker at 775-741-1478.

"A cat is a puzzle for which there is no solution." - Hazel Nicholson

“An animal's eyes have the power to speak a great language.”-Martin Buber