Making Life Better for Dogs and Cats with Wellness Exams

Making Life Better for Dogs and Cats  with Wellness Exams
At Damonte Ranch Animal Hospital, we know that pet parents everywhere want the best care and the best possible life for their dogs and cats. Routine annual wellness examinations are integral to your pet’s lifelong health and ability to weather the various changes that will occur as they age. Furthermore, we recommend bi-annual exams for senior and geriatric pets, because they are prone to arthritis, diabetes, and other health problems.

We're dedicated to working closely with you to ensure that your dog or cat is getting the care they need at the right time, so they--and you--will be better equipped to handle any challenges that might arise later.
Be proactive to protect your pet from illness and infection.
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Why Routine Annual Exams are Important

The annual examination is one of the core services we provide for our patients. Puppies, kittens, adult dogs and cats, and senior pets all benefit from routine checkups, which involve a complete nose-to-tail physical and assessment of your pet's heart, lungs, and body weight.

The benefits of routine exams include:

  • Early detection of underlying illness
  • Timely treatment of an underlying illness to prevent it from progressing
  • Making sure your pet is free of parasites and parasitic diseases like heartworm disease
  • Being able to make quick and prudent adjustments to your pet’s health routine as needed
  • Building a stronger partnership with your veterinarian and a thorough health history for your pet
  • Being better informed about your pet’s health and needs, and better able to meet those needs

Aspects of a Typical Wellness Examination

Wellness examinations are not necessarily limited to the physical. A typical exam may include:

A nose-to-tail evaluation
The physical is an important part of the wellness visit. It involves a complete visual assessment: Checking for lumps and bumps on the skin, checking the teeth and gums, the ears, eyes and nose, and evaluating the limbs and feet. We also need to take your pet’s temperature, weight, and heart rate.
Blood and fecal testing
We recommend checking your pet’s blood and stool once a year to screen for heartworms, intestinal worms, and other issues. Laboratory testing helps us create a more complete picture of your pet’s current health and build a more thorough medical history overall.
Vaccines help to strengthen your dog’s or cat’s immunity to many harmful diseases such as rabies, parvo, feline leukemia, and more. We take time to understand your pet’s health and lifestyle so we can tailor their vaccination protocol to meet their needs.
Parasite prevention
All dogs and cats should have adequate protection against fleas, ticks, heartworms, and intestinal worms. In addition to screening for these pests, we offer a variety of pest control medications to prevent infection all year round.
Nutrition recommendations
Keeping your pet on the right diet throughout their life is essential to their development and long-term health. We’ll be happy to give you advice about what your pet should eat, how much, and how often.
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